ConsolONE© is a perfect monitoring system, trusty and easy to use and it allows you to check in real time every single one of your company’s resources.

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ConsolONE© is not just a simple software system that checks the correct functioning of your resources, but it’s also an intelligent, modular and completely customizable system which is also able to perfectly fit to every one of the most important management protocols and it’s able to automatically connect to your resources.

What you can check

Efficiency and safety for your company

Our monitoring system guarantees not only safety but also an operational continuity. ConsolONE©, remotely managed by a team of specialized technicians – checks the right functioning of your resources and, in case of failures, it warns you in real time by isolating and solving the matter.

Our ConsolONE© customer service is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How it works

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Technical matters related to criticality, malfunctions and obsolescence of resources can interrupt and/or compromise your daily business activity. Thanks to ConsolONE© you can wipe out any service interruptions, saving on all costs related to technical interventions and on those necessary for the installation of building works for control systems.

Through our monitoring system you get scheduled and in-depth periodic reports; valuable informations on performances and use of each single one of your resources to convert the control in a strategic business work.

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It perfectly fits to your peripherals

ConsolONE© has been designed and created to check the functioning
and the performances of the company resources in every business sector.






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About us

“Networking is their strength. They don0t consider their customers as simple clients, but they do consider them as partners.
A dynamic company focused on the customer/business partner needs.Detailed specialized knowledge in addition to high production skills make Smartnet a company with high level competences.They work with their own partners giving that human touch that is hardly found in any other company”


Massimo Criscuolo – Head of ICT, Technical Documentation, Security & General Services

“A situation in which expressing one’s own opinion won’t be a duty and the words are not formal, even though they could appear like that. Availability, devotion, personality, ability and versatility is always assured by the SMARTNET team, qualities that are able to go beyond the simple professional relationship, qualities that allowed me to perfect the resources of the organization I work for and make me professionally better. This innovative capacity combined with the ability to perfect what we already have are the qualities that most distinguish SMARTNET, a group of people who struggle for progress with their innovative ideas rooted in the present and a great respect for people in general.”


Tommaso Marfella – NATO Communications and Information Agency

“Kindness, availability and above all professionalism make Smartnet an essential partner for our daily activities. The competence and support demonstrated over the years represents the added value that any company seeks in its collaborators. Everything is equipped with excellent punctuality and always with a smile on their face.”


Giuseppe Anastasio – Resp. IT ALA Corporation

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