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Is ConsolONE© multi brand?

Definitely yes! For each net apparatus it is possible to develop, if it’s not part of the platform yet, a customized plug-in that can be included in the monthly fee, to collect even more specific informations.

Can I manage a non-network environment with ConsolONE©?

Yes, it is expressly suggested for the control of production, environmental control, analysis and electrical control implants, Building Automation, Domotica and IoT with the integration with building Automation systems, through the use of probes and gateways certified for your specific needs.

Is ConsolONE© multitenant?

Yes, it can manage and profile environments and devicess by differentiating them according to the services, companies or different customers and users, they can be differentiated within the same company or based on the performances they have to do.

Can ConsolONE© be integrated with a third party software?

Yes, it allows to interact in a bivalent way through an integration operated via SNMP, API,
Also, scripting to ask and give operative data, developed on request, in the field of the monthly fee.

Is it necessary to have particular Skills to manage ConsolONE©?

No, ConsolONE© was born, furthermore, to allow a specific but not highly skillful personnel the management of systems and plants.

Is ConsolONE© available also in Italian?

No, ConsolONE© it is managed through only one version, in English, to guarantee speed and updating.

Does ConsolONE© foresee a prepaid Skebby profile?

No, The attivation and the charges have to be done by the customer, who will communicate to the NOC of ConsolONE© the user Skebby which will be configurated in the ConsolONE© and associates to the relative user profile.

Is it necessary to have a ConsolONE© for each customer to manage?

No, the working of ConsolONE© wants only the direct visibility towards the device to monitor, so it is necessary that the system is able to, through VPN or MPLS, to reach the apparatus to manage them with only one console, signing only one agreement.

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