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The monitoring system integrated with Axis

Axis is a leader company in the video-surveillance systems which specializes in the creation of networking solutions that improve the quality of monitoring and security.

Axis goes beyond the simple concept of control

The video-surveillance field has, gradually, grown up towards the multi-channels system and the Business Intelligence by adding to the simple monitoring activity the data collection and re-elaboration. In this way everything is under control and the data can be used again for several business needs.

Axis was the first one to catch this opportunity and has widened her own commercial offer by entering into 3 remarkable business sectors:

  • Video-surveillance systems with scalable and integrate smart analysis
  • Solutions of open, scalable and flexible accesses control
  • Solution of complete audio and of high quality able to improve the safety

The integration ConsolONE© – Axis

ConsolONE© is a full-optional, modular and customizable monitoring system which is able to fit with the Axis technologies. The communication between the two systems occurs automatically, so that each single Axis resource can be easily monitored.

ConsolONE© is intuitive and easy to use. From only one operative system you can manage each single Axis active resource and any possible integration of the systems with other vendors’ solutions.

  • Smart video-surveillance
  • Audio management
  • Accesses control
  • Video analysis and Business Intelligence

Your monitoring system always under control

ConsolONE© guarantees you continuous and remote assistance. A team of qualified technicians takes care to detect the proper working of the several devices Axis and detects, in real time the possible faults, isolating the matter and intervening immediately.

Our ConsolONE© customer service is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check the consumption of your devices

The integration ConsolONE© – Axis has been designed for sharing data about consumptions and operation of several devices. In this way you can have the chance to get detailed informations about Security, Safety and Facility Management. All the data are shared in detailed reports.

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