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Check and manage Smartphone e Tablet

ConsolONE© for smartphones and tablets is the monitoring system that allows you to have control of the setting, function and performance of your active mobile devices. The monitoring is continuous and detailed. It fits perfectly with the main protocols and connects automatically to each device.

Advanced geolocalization system

During daily company life some devices may be left unsupervised, maybe because discharged or not necessary at that moment, or forgotten somewhere. Thanks to the geolocalization system, in real time, ConsolONE© allows you to monitor, in a continuous way, the right position of each device, indicating which one is closer. This helps you gain time and guarantees you the operational continuity.

Control and management from a single workstation

ConsolONE© is unique in its typology. Thanks to our management system and centralized monitoring you can always have under control – from a single workstation – the operating state of your mobile devices.

24/7 technical service assistance

ConsolONE© integrates technology and technical assistance. You always have our team of specialized technicians by your side who remotely checks that each device works the right way.


In case of problems, failures and / or malfunctioning, we intervene in real time. We detect the issue, isolate it and intervene in a short time, guaranteeing the operational continuity to your company.

Our ConsolONE© customer service is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Collect valuable information about your devices

The advantages of ConsolONE © do not simply end with the monitoring of your devices, but they also include data analysis from a Business Intelligence perspective. The system allows the collection of data on the performance, use, criticality and potential of each device. The information collection is then tailored to your tracking needs.


The collected data are re-elaborated in detailed and easy-to-read reports; a very important strategy lever that is very useful to improve your business performance.

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