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Check and manage your IoT devices

Consolone© is the monitoring system that allows you to check and manage the functionality and the performance of IoT devices. Thanks to the integration of several technologies and producers, you are allowed to keep under control:

  • Ambient temperatures
  • Door opening with alarm
  • Flooding liquids’ presence
  • Industrial tanks state
  • Industrial engine ignition and vibration
  • Weighing
  • Human presence in protected environments
  • Emergency situations with man down

It supports you in emergency situations

Consolone© for IoT is designed and made to support you in the management of emergency situations, as for example the presence of a man down. The system can geolocalize, in real time, the systems of first aid which are closer (defibrillators, wheelchair and others), allowing the intervention in the shortest time possible. The system fits well with the product associated with several kinds of businesses (Retail, distribution, logistics and production).


Our customer service is always with you

Consolone© for the IoT devices is remotely managed by our team of qualified technicians. The assistance service is continuous and is guaranteed H24 and 7 days per week.

In case of criticality and/or malfunctioning, we point out and isolate the issue and intervene in real time to solve it.

Our ConsolONE© customer service is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Analyze the data according to the Business Intelligence

Consolone© is the monitoring system of IoT fitting perfectly with all the most important management protocols (SNMP, API, Logging, MAIL) and connects automatically to your resources, interpreting and analyzing the data in an automatic way.

The data collected on performance and usage of the single resources are analyzed and re-elaborated in detailed reports, which are customized according to your monitoring needs. The reports analyze the data, performance and issues. The potentiality of each device is indicated, always according to the Business Intelligence, to develop optimization deeds and transform the control of the resource as a business strategic step for your company.

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